Electronic Handbooks- EHBs
[Where Shakespeare Meets Freud]

Dr. Barry E. Jacobs
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Greenbelt, MD 20771

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Basic People Principles
Using This Book
Reading This Book
Adapting This Book
About The Author

Chapter 1. Introduction
   1.1 What Are EHBs?
   1.2 EHBs Is Where Shakespeare Meets Freud 
   1.3 An Overview Of This Book
   1.4 View Integration
   1.5 Evolving Subprocesses And Their EHBs
   1.6 Other Applications
   1.7 Objectives
   1.8 Architecture
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Chapter 2. Demonstrating EHBs
   2.1 Demonstrating EHBs - Binders
   2.2 Demonstrating EHBs - Roles
   2.3 Demonstrating EHBs - Subprocess
   2.4 Demonstrating EHBs - Files
   2.5 Creating An Initial Demonstration Tool
   2.6 Updating Process Matrix And Community
   2.7 Updating Examples
   2.8 Updating Summary
   2.9 Completing The Demonstration Tool
   2.10 Demonstrating And Revising
   2.11 Sample Demonstrations
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Chapter 3. Organizing Subprocesses 
   3.1 Organizing Subprocesses- Binders
   3.2 Organizing Subprocesses- Roles
   3.3 Organizing Subprocesses- Subprocesses
   3.4 Organizing Subprocesses- Files
   3.5 Creating An Initial Process Library
   3.6 Updating Subprocesses
   3.7 Updating Requirement Capture Tools
   3.8 Updating Document Libraries
   3.9 Updating Checklists
   3.10 Updating The Demonstration Tool
   3.11 Sample Subprocess Organizations
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Chapter 4. Outlining/Playwrighting Subprocesses
   4.1 Outlining/Playwrighting Subprocesses- Binders
   4.2 Outlining/Playwrighting Subprocesses- Roles
   4.3 Outlining/Playwrighting Subprocesses- Subprocesses
   4.4 Outlining/Playwrighting Subprocesses- Files
   4.5 Creating Initial Requirements Capture Tools
   4.6 Updating Binders
   4.7 Updating Process/Play
   4.8 Updating EHBs
   4.9 Updating Home Pages
   4.10 Updating Files
   4.11 Sample Outlined Subprocesses
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Chapter 5. Collecting Subprocess Requirements 
   5.1 Collecting Subprocess Requirements- Binders
   5.2 Collecting Subprocess Requirements- Roles
   5.3 Collecting Subprocess Requirements- Subprocesses
   5.4 Collecting Subprocess Requirements- Files
   5.5 Creating Initial Organization Views
   5.6 Updating Organization Views
   5.7 Updating Organization Plays
   5.8 Updating Organization Documents
   5.9 Updating Organization Guidelines
   5.10 Sample Subprocess Requirements
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Chapter 6. Designing, Building, Using, & Revising Subprocesses
   6.1 Designing, Building, Using,& Revising Subprocesses- Binders
   6.2 Designing, Building, Using,& Revising Subprocesses- Roles
   6.3 Designing, Building, Using,& Revising Subprocesses- Subprocesses
   6.4 Designing, Building, Using,& Revising Subprocesses- Files
   6.5 Example/Rehearsal
   6.6 Implementation/Staging
   6.7 Utilization/Performance
   6.8 Revisions/New Production
   6.9 Sample Subprocesses
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Chapter 7. Improving Processes
   7.1 Improving Processes- Binders
   7.2 Improving Processes- Roles
   7.3 Improving Processes- Subprocesses
   7.4 Improving Processes- Files
   7.5 Creating An Initial Improvement Tool 
   7.6 Establishing Documented Subprocesses
   7.7 Updating An Improvement Tool 
   7.8 Updating Documented Subprocesses
   7.9 Auditing/Certification
   7.10 Sample Process Improvements
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Chapter 8. Sample Subprocesses
   8.1 Product Realization Subprocesses
   8.2 Product Distribution Subprocesses
   8.3 Basic Support Subprocesses
   8.4 ISO 9001-2000 Support Subprocesses
   8.5 CMMI Support Subprocesses
   8.6 Improvement Subprocesses
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Chapter 9. Summary
   9.1 EHBs Development Process
   9.2 Assembly Line Processes
   9.3 Benefits Of EHBs
   9.4 EHBs And Multi-Spectral Analysis
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 A1. Demonstrations Samples
 A2. Subprocess Development Samples
 A3. Product Realization Subprocesses Samples
 A4. Product Distribution Subprocesses Samples
 A5. Support Subprocesses Samples
 A6. Improvement Subprocesses Samples
 A7. Common Subprocesses Samples
 A8. "Electronic Handbooks (EHBs) [Where Shakespeare Meets Freud]" Samples



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