Adapting This Book

Although this book uses Contracts and Grants processes as examples, the book could also be adapted to teach your students to Develop EHBs to manage other specific types of processes, (e.g, Health Episodes, Automobile Sales, Legal Cases, Insurance Policies, Publications, Credit Cards, Loans, Public School Enrollments, University Enrollments, etc.) This could be done in one of three ways.

The first way is to use Chapters 1-9 and Appendices A1-A7 as is. You can then teach your students to Build, Use, and Revise EHBs for specfic types of processes by giving them the new process types as Exercises.

The second way is to use Chapters 1-9 as is but revise Appendices A1-A7. Throughout this book, readers are pointed to Appendices A1-A7 where there are libraries of samples (i.e., Demonstrations, Subprocess Development, Product Realization Subprocesses, Product Distribution Subprocesses, Support Subprocesses, and Improvement Subprocesss). These samples are used as starting points in various subprocess steps. By providing your own process specific samples in Appendices A1-A7, they will become your student's starting points. Editable HTML files for Appendices A1-A7 can be found in Appendix A7.

The third way is to revise the book Electronic Handbooks (EHBs) [Where Shakespeare Meets Freud] using illustrations from X, Y, and Z management, where X, Y, and Z are your process types. This can be done by editing Chapters 1-8 as well as Appendices A1-A7. A discussion of the legal and copyright issues plus editable HTML files for Chapters 1-9 can also be found in Appendix A7.

Greenbelt, MD
November 2004