Appendix A1. Demonstrations Samples

In this Appendix, we look at a library of sample Demonstration Tools. These can be used as starting points for steps in Chapter 2 Demonstrating EHBs.

Building Electronic Handbooks Inc.- EHBs [zip] {dt; rcts}
NASA's Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Contracts [zip] {dt; rcts}
NASA's Earth Sciences Technology Office (ESTO)- Contracts [zip] {dt; }
NASA's Educational Program Data Collection and Evaluation Program (EDCATs) - Program Evaluations [zip] {dt; }
FEMA's US Fire Administration (USFA)- Grants [zip] {dt; }
FEMA's Mitigation (USFA) - Grants [zip] {dt; }
HHS's Health Services Resources Administration (HRSA) - Grants [zip] {dt;}
DOJ's Bulletproof Vests Partnership Program (BVP)- Grants [zip] {dt; }
DOJ's Southwest Border Patrol Initiative (SWBPI) - Grants [zip] {dt; }
DOJ's Local Law Enforcement Block Grants (LLEBG) - Grants [zip] {dt; }
DOJ's Office of Justice Programs (OJP)- Grants [zip] {dt; }
Treasury's Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFI) - Grants [zip] {dt; }
NASA's Grants - Grants [zip] {dt; }
NASA's Technologies - Technologies [zip] {dt; }
HHS's Centers For Disease Control (CDC) - Grants [zip] { dt;}
Pfizer Pharmacuticals- Research and Development [zip] {dt; }