Reading This Book

The reader should begin the book with Chapter 1, which provides an overview of EHBs. Following this, the reader can then jump around across the chapters. However, if one wants to do the exercises faithfully, one should progress in the natural EHBs Development order- - Demonstrating EHBs, Organizing Process Libraries, Collecting Requirements, Building, Using, & Revising Subprocesses, Improving Processes, Sample Subprocesses, and Summary.

In order for the reader to perform the exercises, the reader should have access to one or more computers on the Internet. The first computer, called the local computer, is where the developer creates the EHBs. The local computer should have:

The second computer, called the server computer, is where the community accesses the developed EHBs. The server computer should have:

Greenbelt, MD
November 2004