How has the electronic process affected cost, quality, and administration?

In both NASA's SBIR and Justice's BVP programs, costs were reduced, the quality of the grants process was enhanced, and program administration became easier.

Cost savings to NASA’s SBIR program were estimated at $300,000. Cost savings to the Department of Justice is harder to estimate, since it was the first time the BVP program was ever offered.

Better and faster communication between NASA SBIR award winners and NASA potential customers helps the overall quality and the marketing of funded research. Better and faster communication between the Department of Justice and the law enforcement agencies facilitates the distribution of bulletproof vests and thus promotes better and safer law enforcement.

Paul Mexcur, NASA's SBIR program manager, says "we expect to reduce the processing time for contracts by at least a third and may save several hundred thousand dollars a year in operating and manpower costs." He adds that "rapid access to information, retention of information, and ability to use different parts of the information in different formats for different purposes greatly enhanced administration capabilities."

Former Department of Justice's Bureau of Justice Assistance Director Nancy Gist says that "individuals who risk their lives to ensure our protection deserve fast and efficient access to equipment designed to protect." Gist adds, "this Internet system will allow BJA to get funds where they need to go quicker and, ultimately, save lives."

Jane Fox, SBIR program manager at Johnson Space Center in Houston, says "For any of you that haven't looked or used the Contract Administration and Closeout EHB, it is awesome! This is a giant step to what we need in becoming even more paperless and having the ability to really manage the program."